All MyBarstaff employees are provided with the most elite and up to date training availableThrough extensive research into previous methods of bar training and teaching exercises, plus the addition of modern memory and cognitive learning techniques, an expertly designed training regime has been developed to produce first class bar staff.


To maintain the standards promised to the establishments, MyBarstaff will provide regular training sessions to their staff on a fortnightly basis, staff will also have the opportunity for one to one sessions. These sessions will constantly vary and contain a mixture of themes, depending on what is most relevant to the bar and there staff. All employees of MyBarstaff will be required to display a high level of commitment and initiative towards improving their skills of service, and will only be employed once such traits have been demonstrated.


All staff will be taken through Mybarstaff qualifications which some of are listed below:


Bar Staff Levels 1 – 5   |  Floor Staff levels 1-2  |  Waitress levels 1-3  |  Flair training level 1-2


Practical Examples, Examinations, Competitions will all be used to get all staff through our qualifications and to the highest standard. There are also recognised awards which all staff  will be put through during there time with us, these include:

  • First Aid
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness and retailing
  • Food Hygiene


All these awards will help within all aspects of the industry, keeping the public and the bar safe.